Gold Coast-How Toland On

Gold Coast-How Toland On

The vast majority of students who attend Gold Coast University, whether international students or domestic students prefer institutes where learning is seen as a stress-free and fun-filled experience. Gold Coast private colleges combine innovative teaching methods with modern technology to provide Gold Coast students with an intense and exciting learning experience. Landmark Online Learning also boasts of some of the most unique degree programs on the Gold Coast.

If you are thinking of embarking on an exciting career in real estate, construction (hotel/motel), or tourism, the Gold Coast offers a course of study that will land you in an amazing profession:

Landmark Education

Landmark Education Ltd. is a subsidiary formation, a global, award-winning, not-for-profit, independent, learning organization, with locations in Miami, Florida, and Levanto, Costa Rica. Landmark College at Aventura is a college/university, which combines religion and the practical application of sustainable development, design, and technology.

Research and consulting are the core of Landmark Education, and they empower students with skills in “Residential Collaboration”, which is essentially creating business opportunities in the communities they serve.

So if you want to be a nobody who suddenly becomes a somebody because you spend time at a terrific school, attend a terrific program and make lots of friends, then Landmark Education will give you the tools you need to succeed — with the attitude that “Aint no wall that tall so climb it yourself”.

You can expect the “real” work of Landmark to pay for itself. In addition to paying tuition, professors will also be forced to purchase large amounts of specialized equipment and vans. Recently, they implemented an on-campus Wi-Fi system that provided students with internet service access during all hours of the school year, 24 hours of the day each day.

The atmosphere Landmark creates is a “green” environment full of fun, creativity, well-being, well-organized student services, and community involvement. Students invest in the learning process and the environment that their colleagues create.

The name of everyone who attends Landmark and lives up to their potential is a green wall. Each student consciously contributes to the small community Landmark has created around them. The students are participants in the very process that order is restored.

Landmark College continues to be a leader in the education of people seeking personal growth, values clarification, and innovative solutions to community problems. Every student’s LifeCourse starts with getting a Landmark diploma. The basis of each Landmark diploma is the belief that people must choose convenience over yesterday’s traditions to experience the richness of personal growth and the abundance of personal wealth.

Throughout the world, people who choose to follow a sustainable lifestyle are warmly welcomed wherever they go. Imagine the impact that bowling fits on a global community… With bowling, the community becomes connected, joyful, and desirable.

So the role of Landmark Education is to provide the opportunity for students to choose convenience over tradition and to experience the wealth of personal wealth that is made possible by choosing convenience over need.

The organization is led by a board of directors. The directors are all former or current university professors, entrepreneurs, community and business leaders, and student volunteers. The organization is volunteer-run and supported by a dozen core volunteers — all highly committed to matching students’ needs with volunteers to Landmark College.

When completing the three-month training program, each student will receive a custom-built soy boiler, enameled sink, stainless-steel chicken coop, bird feeder, playhouse, and 18″ x 18″ clear acrylic sliding door with stainless steel sliding windows. Through this process, the students will learn about sustainable living and how to make choices that affect the world.

The Results of Landmark College Graduates

Landmark College has had its share of success stories. Here are a few:

· Every student learns how to make choices that affect the environment.

· Students participate in service activities that help the environment.

· Students become skilled at integrating technology and creating healing spaces.

· Students can channel energies into ways that help the community and surrounding area.

· The students are taught that they can make a difference by becoming empowered through creating opportunities for others to achieve self-sustainability, including through healing, meditation, and movement.

· Students move through the materialization process using a network process that centers on six core concepts: stacking blocks, stacking cells, zone principles, zones, and connections.

· Students demonstrate the effective management of risk and responsibility by addressing issues at multiple levels and in multiple forms.